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Amsterdam, Holland - Bargain Late Holidays UK

The city is known for its fascinating architecture, so anyone taking their holidays in Amsterdam should set aside at least some time to visit some of its most fascinating buildings. One example of the city’s finest architecture is the Royal Palace. Built during the Dutch Golden Age, this spectacular palace has a fascinating history and is located right in the center of Amsterdam. Also worth a visit is the Westerkerk, a church that is situated on the banks of the Prinsengracht canal and the tallest building in the city. The canal offers some stunning views of the church at night.

For an insight into Amsterdam’s fascinating history, the Old Centre should not be missed. This is the historical area of the city and offers a wealth of museums where you can explore a selection of cultural artifacts and art. You can view the works of the world-famous artist, Rembrandt Harmensz van Rijn, at the Rembrandt House or stop by the Amsterdam’s Historisch Museum, the city’s main museum. The Old Centre is surrounded by The Canal Ring, a World Heritage Site, which is also the location of Anne Frank’s House.

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Holidays in Amsterdam give you the chance to explore the city’s many beautiful areas. An ideal location for families or couples is Plantage, a neighborhood within the city that offers many exciting and interesting attractions. For a look at some of Amsterdam’s most fascinating plants and wildlife, the Artis Zoo should not be missed. It consists of a beautiful botanical garden, a planetarium, geological museum, zoological museum, and an aquarium. It is the perfect destination for a family day out.

Amsterdam also offers you the chance to explore many interesting areas by bike, bus or boat. You can explore the sights of the city on one of the many routes that are designated for cyclists or enjoy a relaxing cruise around some of the city’s attractions. You can also explore the city by taking a selection of tours, which can be on foot, boat, bike or bus. Many of these tours enable you to explore areas beyond the city and are perfect those wishing to see some of the most fascinating sights in the Netherlands.

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If you are looking for a selection of modern and historical attractions during your Amsterdam holidays, the city boasts architectural styles covering a period of hundreds of years, but when evening comes and you are looking for 21st-century entertainment there are also bars, clubs, and restaurants. The city is a particularly beautiful place to explore at night when many of its attractions are lit up. From quiet bars, such as Panama, where you can enjoy views of the canals, to Club 8, which is the spot for younger tourists, Amsterdam holidays have something to offer everyone. The city also has, believe it or not, several beaches, which are popular with tourists.

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Holidays Packages for Majorca, Balearics – Bargain Late

As the jewel in the crown of the Balearic Islands, holidays in Majorca promise to be entertaining and memorable for all the right reasons.

Warm, sunny weather is assured, and scenic landscapes, gorgeous beaches, clear blue water, fantastic local cuisine, and lively nightlife combine to ensure a Majorca holiday is the perfect choice for families, groups of friends and couples looking for some summer (or even winter) sunshine!

Flights To Majorca

menorca_mahon_476137_Bh3daFlights from London to Majorca take a little more than two hours, and if you want a London departure you can choose from any of the city’s six airports.

If you want to depart from a regional airport elsewhere in the UK, direct flights to Majorca are available from Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Newcastle, Belfast, Glasgow, and Edinburgh, although some of these may only operate seasonally.

Things To Do in Majorca

As you’d expect from a warm island destination, the ocean is a major feature in many of the activities you can enjoy on Majorca holidays! Take a tour of the coast with a lazy day on board a specially chartered yacht, and stop off at various beauty spots for a spot of swimming, snorkelling and even exploring isolated patches of coastline.


When you want to explore depths of the ocean that a snorkel won’t allow you to, Port de Pollenca’s Scuba Mallorca diving center is on hand with scuba equipment rental and tuition – a great option for both seasoned underwater explorers and complete beginners.

You might not expect it, but Majorca is a great place to perform your own minor miracle by walking on water and even flying above it! The Flyboard Majorca center can fit you with a water jet system that straps to your body and feet that works like a science fiction jetpack, to launch you out of the water, through the water and along the surface. Once you’ve had a bit of practice, somersaults and loop-the-loops are more or less mandatory!

Now that you’ve conquered Majorca’s oceans, you’ll surely want to head back to dry land and discover the secrets of the island. Don’t bore yourself on a tour bus, however – head to Buggy 4 Fun in Cala Millor in the east of the island and take a beach buggy excursion to explore some of the island’s most beautiful locations.

Majorca Night Life

Majorca’s nightlife capital is the famously lively resort of Magaluf. Favoured by an 18 – 30s crowd from the UK and across northern Europe, Magaluf is home to upbeat bars and various legendary clubs that host live sets and residencies by the best DJs from the world of electronic dance music majorca_177126073Car Wash, Bananas, Boomerangs and Tokio Joe’s are the biggest and more famous nightclubs in Magaluf, and the clubs have a partnership in place that means you can purchase a single ticket for entry into all four! Party-goers looking for all night fun have plenty of options, but there is also much on offer for visitors to Magaluf looking for a more relaxed, subdued evening out and about.

There are plenty of bars around with comfortable, relaxing seating for when you want to talk rather than dance, and even a Coyote Ugly-themed bar if, for you, dancing is for spectating rather than participating!

Holidays Packages for Ibiza, Balearics - Bargain Late Holidays

last minute hotel deals Ibiza Balearics - Bargain Late Holidays UK

All night raves and unbridled hedonism are there for the taking in Ibiza, but they’re certainly not mandatory! Holidays to Ibiza can also be as relaxing and varied as a beach holiday anywhere else in Europe.

Ibiza is known for its acclaimed and world-famous nightclubs in the world which makes it de rigor amongst international DJs and millions of young clubbers, but look beyond the strobe lights and you’ll see a paradise island. Beautiful beaches, amazing spas, fabulous cuisine mean Ibiza holidays aren’t just for those who like to party hard – Ibiza has something for everyone!

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Flights to Ibiza

12 cities in the UK benefit from direct air links to Ibiza, including London, Nottingham, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Cardiff and Doncaster. The airports with the quickest journey time for flights to Ibiza, at around 2 hours 20 minutes on average, are Bournemouth and the London airports.